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All about CBCF

Charlton and Blackheath Christian Fellowship is a growing, lively and friendly independent church based in South East London. We're a group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds who love God and want to make a difference in our community. We meet every Sunday morning at 10.30 am in the Boys’ Brigade Hall, Reynolds Place, Blackheath SE3 8SX.  

Our meeting usually includes worship, prayer and bible teaching and we encourage the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are usually activities for children and young people and and a friendly cup of tea after the meeting.

We have a midweek fellowship meeting on Tuesday evenings for fellowship and encouragement.

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We believe that God is a kind and loving Father who wants us all to understand just how passionate he is about each and every one of us. We can all know him personally and experience his unfailing and unconditional love, no matter who we are, what we've done or what we've been through.

We believe that Jesus is God's son and the first in the largest family that's ever been. The bible tells us that he came to earth as a man and died for us, but that God raised him to life again. We can be saved only by believing and trusting in Jesus - there is no other way to know God as Father.

The Holy Spirit is the person through whom God reveals His power today. He gives many different gifts as he sees fit to help build up the church and our personal walk with God, and we encourage their use in our meetings and in our personal lives.

Praise and worship is a very important part of our lives and it is therefore an important part of CBCF. We believe that God asks us to praise him, but find that it's something we want to do more and more as we get to know him. We do this in various ways, including singing, praying and reading the bible.

We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that God listens to us as we pray to him and that he always provides an answer to us, even if sometimes it's not quite what we expected to hear or see.

What we believe

Our formal Statement of Faith can be read here.

We believe that the bible is God's Word and is absolutely true.The Holy Spirit brings it alive to us here today, even though parts of it were  written over 3500 years ago. Hopefully you'll see just what we mean if you come and visit us one Sunday.


We believe that the bible is God's Word and is absolutely true. It's also a living book and we are very fortunate at CBCF to have some people who are very gifted in bringing what God is saying from his Word to us every week.

We've been recording every meeting for several years now and copies of recordings are available on request.

Click here for recordings of recent sermons


We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that God listens to us as we pray to him and that he always provides an answer to us, even if sometimes it's not quite what we expected to hear or see.

Prayer is a very important part of the life of our fellowship and the people in it. We meet regularly specifically to pray and a daily prayer life is actively

encouraged. We currently have a Zoom Prayer Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at 8pm and there is a regular weekly Ladies Prayer Meeting.

Each week we pray for the people who live in one of the streets around the Boys’ Brigade Hall in Reynolds Place where we meet.

Our experience is that praying together, agreeing in prayer, is very effective and we use email to send out urgent prayer requests and updates.


Although it tends to be associated with telling the future, prophecy in the New Testament is more to do with gifts of 'revelation' and principally the revelation of God's heart.

The Spiritual gift of prophecy is encouraged in CBCF alongside the biblical


principles of weighing, testing and accountability. This allows people to be unhindered in bringing what they feel the Lord is saying and prophecies to be received safely and handled with wisdom.

Some people are particularly gifted in hearing God in this way and they lead regular meetings for those who want to hear what God is saying to the church and those who wish developing their own gifting.

Worship is a very important part of our lives and it is therefore an important part of CBCF. We believe that God asks us to praise him, but find

that it's something we want to do more and more

as we get to know him. We do this in various ways, including singing, praying and reading the bible. We have a number of worship leaders, singers and musicians who help us to worship Sunday by Sunday.

Sharing the Good News - at home

CBCF is committed to sharing the good news about Jesus with our communities, friends and neighbours. Steve Gurnett, one of our elders, leads in this area. He works for OAC Ministries, an international Christian organisation which specialises in Street preaching.

Locally, Steve leads a team which reaches out to youngsters on the streets of Bexleyheath every other Friday and a team which shares the good news in Woolwich Town Centre once a month on a Saturday. We also look for opportunities to share our good news with local people during the year sometimes joining with other local churches

Sharing the Good News - abroad

CBCF is committed to sharing the good news about Jesus in other countries. Over the past few years Steve Gurnett has made missionary trips to Nigeria, preaching and supporting a Christian school. CBCF helped to provide resources for a school building and the provision of laptops for pupils.

CBCF have also supported the work of training Christian leaders in Uganda and Kenya through the Million Leaders Mandate programme led by David Tucker as part of the River Network commitment to overseas ministry.

For many years CBCF have also supported the ministry of Andrew & Claudia Fanstone in Forteleza, Brazil. After working for some years with Street Children they are now part of a ministry called Iris Mission which is working with people on the streets and in the poorest part of the city. Further details are available from their web site - click here

During the over the years we have supported missionaty work in Guinea led by Nicholas & Elaine Thebault (Light for the Nation Church) by providing money to help the Jubilee International School

School in Nigeria     One of the Kenyan Leaders   Nicholas Thebault in Guinea    Andrew Fanstone in Brazil

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A safe place for everyone

Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and good working practice, including safe recruitment of workers.

CBCF regards the protection of children and vulnerable people as a priority.

We do our utmost to make CBCF a safe and supportive place for everyone,

from whatever background, however old, regardless of race or gender,

whether you're a member or just visiting.

In the interests of the safety and well being of all children, young people and vulnerable people, it has developed and operates a formal Safeguarding Policy.

The church is committed to ensuring that everyone working with children or young people:

• has undergone a Disclosure and Barring check at enhanced level

• is adequately trained and supervised

• understands and follows the church’s child protection policy.

A copy of the Safeguarding Policy may be obtained by emailing cbcf@aol.com

As part of this church’s commitment to children and young people it has appointed Sue Redford as Safeguarding Co-ordinator and Lisa Tinlin as Deputy SafeguardingCo-ordinator. All the children and young people involved in activities within the church know who they are and how they can be contacted.

Should the church have any safeguarding concerns it will seek the advice of thiryopne:eight and if appropriate contact the statutory authorities.

   Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship:

• recognises that safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is everyone’s responsibility.

• is committed to supporting parents and families.

• recognises the unique and individual worth of each person.

• is committed to nurturing, protecting and safeguarding children and young people.

• exercises care in the appointment of all those working with children and young people in the church, working to ‘Safe from Harm’ principles.

• is committed to following statutory and specialist guidelines in working with children and young people.

• seeks to support all those affected by abuse.

• is committed to supporting, training and resourcing those who work with children and young people and provide regular supervision.

• is committed to the management and supervision of known offenders in the church.

• will review its Safeguarding Policy annually.

If you have any concerns for a child or in relation to any safeguarding matter then please speak to one of the Safeguarding Co-ordinators.

Further details about Safeguarding Policies, training in child protection, the Disclosure and Barring Service and the quality assurance review can be obtained from thirtyone:eight, P O Box 133, Swanley, Kent BR8 7UQ telephone 0303 003 11 11.
Email info@thirtyoneeight.org Web: www.thirtyoneeight.org

CBCF and the Wider Church

CBCF is a member of Churches in Communities International (CiC) is a world-wide community of independent churches, ministries and networks with 190+ members in the UK, which was founded by Dr Hugh Osgood in 1997. CBCF has been a member church since 2009.

CiC offers a system of mutual accountability and accreditation. With core values of compassion, integrity and co-operation in ministry, CiC exists to serve leaders in the Body of Christ as they in turn serve the communities in which they minister.

As well as being the president of CiC, Dr Hugh Osgood is also the Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council and one of the Presidents of Churches Together in England. He has a wide experience of church leadership and has been a friend of CBCF for many years.

Hugh’s web site (Click here) offers a wealth of free downloads of his sermons.

River Network

CBCF is also a member church of River Network, a small group of churches from London and the home counties which relate together. The Churches are

                    London Network Church (East Acton)
                    Weybourne Community Church (Weybourne)
                    Houghton Regis Community Church (Luton)

What is River Network all about? Click the link below to hear David Tucker from Wey Christian Fellowship explaining the Vision and Values of the network.

River Network Vision and Values (David Tucker 22/11/2009)

Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship Trust


Mrs Janis Culmer

Mr Michael Leader

Mrs Susan Redford

Mr Trevor Tinlin

Mr David Wilson

Charlton & Blackheath Fellowship Charitable Trust was established in 1989 to support and facilitate the work of the Fellowship. It’s aim is the promotion of the Christian Faith for the public benefit and it’s governing document is a Trust Deed dated 30 March 1989. It was registered with the Charity Commission on 11 May 1989 and it’s registered charity number is 801409.

Details of the trust registration are available from the Charity Commission. Click here

Local & National Connections

CBCF also connects with a number of local churches and organisations. Through CiC it is a member of Churches Together in England and is part of Churches Together in Charlton. We work closely with St John’s, Blackheath locally and are also members of the Evangelical Alliance.

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