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Kath went to be with the Lord on Friday 29 January 2021. She was a wonderful lady and a much loved
member of Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship. While we will never know about all the people whose lives were touched by this faithful disciple of Jesus, this page offers an opportunity to post a personal tribute to her and give testimony to how your life was impacted by Kath. Please try to be succinct and limit your contribution to about 250 words. Please give your name.

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Kath was one of the kindest people that I know. She reflected the kindness of God. She was part of CBCF for nearly 30 years and was always involved at the very heart of the Fellowship. There is so much I could say about her but I will chose two points. She had a tremendous gift of hospitality (from which I benefited greatly) and always made a point of inviting someone to lunch after Sunday services. Many mid-week meetings were held at her house and there was always a warm welcome and generous refreshments.

She loved her Lord with a passion and had a heart to see the gospel message shared with others and for many years she supported Steve in open air outreaches. My own mother came to faith in her late eighties through Kath’s friendship and witness. This love of Jesus and his word was the defining factor of her whole life. She will be greatly missed. Our loss is heaven’s gain.                                                              

Mike Leader, CBCF Leadership Team

We as a family have known this wonderful lady since we started attending CBCF. She was the first person to welcome us and I immediately thought to myself, what a jolly lady. She gave wonderful hugs and always, always asked after the well-being of my husband. She was like a grandmother to us.

We love you Kath but we know without any shadow of doubt that there’s been a party to welcome you home.

The Mordis

I knew Kath and Ron in my cbcf days in the early 90’s. Both wonderful people who brought healing to my life in what was a very special season.

John Martin (Australia)

Kath's enthusiasm and passion for life and her love of the Lord shone every day. She took me under her wing when I came to London and became one of my very best friends. It was a privilege to be part of her house group for many years and learn so much by the examples she set. Kath was an excellent host and many conversations were had over food and her great company. We laughed so much over the years. Although it is sad that we have lost such an amazing woman, we can rejoice in her eternal life and know that  our Lord will be well pleased as he welcomes such a faithful child of his into His open arms. I'll miss you my beautiful friend x

Heather Drobinska

Kath was such a sweet soul. She and Ron had the gift of hospitality and radiated kindness and welcome. Her life touched the lives of so many others for good. Her life was a gift to so many. Thanks be to God for Kath.

Andrew Dickinson (Douglasville, Atlanta, Georgia)

R.I.P. Kath, a life indeed well lived by a lady very well loved. Chillin with the angels. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

Love to Steve, Susan and the whole family at this difficult time

Brenda Brundritt


 Kath was an outstanding woman of God and to me, a big role model.  To Charlie, a dearly loved sister in Christ.  To put into words how much she helped, guided, encouraged and loved us would not give justice to the many, many occasions we benefitted from knowing her and learning from her.  Christ lived for her and that was evident in the fruits of the spirit that were her character.  Her hospitality was incredible.  She would be truthful when I sought her advice.  She could discipline in love and grace when needed.  She cooked such good food!  She was vigilant in her love and care of her family and also church family.  Thank you Kath for the privilege of knowing you and loving you.  There’s so many who have benefitted from your life.  Enjoy your time with Jesus in eternity, Kath.

Sue & Charlie Redford

Kath was an amazing bubbly and welcoming lady. Kath was like a grandmother to me and my 2 children Sophia and Joel whilst at CBCF. She took me under her wing in difficult and good times.

We spent Boxing days together with Ron over many Christmases, they were days I will never forget. Our girly days spending time giggling and enjoying what life had to offer. Going through the fashion or lunching, such brilliant memories,  Kath was always so positive and encouraging. My fondness for her will always remain. 

Sending love and condolences to Steve, Susan and the rest of the family.


Kath - a true and faithful friend.  Hospitality, encouragement and care for others stood out among her many strong qualities.  Happy memories of many holidays shared with Ray and Kath Chivers - and lots of closely fought games of Scrabble! 

David Wilson

There aren’t enough words to do justice here! Kath is so well loved by so many people, including us. We are so happy and blessed to have known her over many years. She was consistently kind and gracious. We honestly cannot remember any time she had said a negative word about anyone. This is such an example for us! So hospitable, so kind, and so full of the Lord’s character. And we had some laughs in house group over the years! We really did!! Her's is a life so well lived, and her loving impact on so many of us…what a legacy.  We love you Kath, and we’ll see you in the future! Praying for you, Steve, Susan. Anne, Claire, Phillip and Rachel. Love and God bless.

Andy, Teresa, and Katharine MacDonald xxx 

PS From John… "I always thought Kath was hot!” We told her this years ago, and she laughed heartily! Quite a compliment in one’s golden years!!

John MacDonald

"Kath was the kindest, most gentle person I know, and I am proud to have been her friend...”

Margaret Jeffery xxxx

We met Kath Gurnett not long after arriving in London in 2004. She was the most wonderful lady, full of love, wisdom and integrity. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. We send our love and affection to her family and to CBCF at this time.

Tim & Vicki Troughton Victoria, BC, Canada

I only knew Kath for a few short months when I was studying at university in England in the Spring of 2005. She welcomed me into her home most Sundays after church for dinner, and taught me (a teetotaler) how to enjoy a glass of wine with that dinner. Her kindness and joy made this American feel welcomed, cared for, and at home. She always had a smile and was up for a laugh with her family, into which I felt as if I had been adopted for a few months. I pray eternal rest for her and comfort for all those who miss her. 

Kristin (Elsey) Putnam Colorado USA

This picture epitomises Kath – smiling and making others smile. She always had

a light in her eyes that made you feel good.   The first time I met her I knew at once who she reminded me of – someone who was very precious to me – my grandmother.  We took her to the cottage in Devon, worrying she might not be able to climb the stairs but it soon became a joke – climbing the north face of the Eiger. Laughter was rarely far away.

Kath was an inspiration to many. She loved her faith and was always keen to share it with us. We will miss this wonderful lady.

Heather & Bruce Stewart


There will be no flowers at Kath’s Funeral & Celebration of Life. You may like to make a donation in memory of Kath and all such gifts will be sent to support the work of Andrew Fanstone of Iris Mission in Fortaleza, Brazil, a charity which Kath regularly supported. You can see a Newsletter from Andrew here.

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When the sea flows we see the waves...
When the sun shines we feel the heat...
When the rain falls we drench in its wetness...

Kath, you have passed through this world and left your mark...we see, feel and still drench in them.

You left memories to loved ones that has gone three generations...that's the ultimate blessing from the Lord which you'd lived...generations that understood your uncompromising love for God.

I'm not sad you're gone Kath for those that love God deserves to rest in God. I'm actually praying to have it has great as you when it's my turn.

In HIS tender love you live on.


I enjoyed getting to know Kath in the six and a half years that Pam and I have known each other. She welcomed me into her circle and saw me for who I am. We immediately had our love for Pam in common, and that meant we liked each other! She had a beautifully gentle way of saying what needed to be said, and occasionally an impish glint in her eye when the right moment arose. She reminded me of my own Mum, and I've frequently thought and said that I wish they could have met.

I will miss her and will continue to enjoy Pam's many happy memories of her, along with my own.

Tim Scarborough

As a young girl, not having been in London very long, Kath and Ron both welcomed me with open arms into their midst and took me under their wings. I often found myself there for dinner several times a week. Kath became Nanny Kath to my own children and we all loved her as though she were our own. I have very many precious and treasured memories of dear Kath - she taught me how to stop everything and come before the Lord when that was what was needed.  She taught me to cook - I loved the meals she used to make and liked to do some of them at home to ‘impress’.  Kath was my go to person - she was level headed and sensible and wasn’t afraid to tell me when I needed to make some changes! Life will never quite be the same again - but I will do my best to carry on the baton that she has passed to us all.  God bless you dear Kath. 

Pam Scarborough

Mum, known as Kath to most of you, was there when I was born! Always been there for me ever since.

As I said on Facebook, Mum taught me to do all the  basic stuff, like washing and cleaning my teeth, but she also modelled how to live. She loved my Dad, like crazy, and it was obvious. That made our's a very happy home, with rock solid security.

She also loved others and Mum and Dad used their home to show that, too. I remember, as a teenager, Mum was teaching a lesson in Sunday school to about 70 kids. She talked to them all like they were her own, with tenderness. It made me laugh at the time, but I never forgot that.

She taught us to look for the best in everyone.

Mum loved the Lord Jesus and always tried to love others as He does.

Steve Gurnett

Dear Kath how I will miss that wonderful smile and lovely sense of humor. I loved making you laugh.  You made me so welcome when I returned to CBCF and your love for me and my family when we had gone through such a sad time was so encouraging. Kath, words will never be enough to fill the hole that you leave behind. I know that my life has been greatly blessed by knowing you.

Peter Baker

It's been a while since we were at CBCF, but we can still remember how warm and welcoming Kath was to us.

Always smiling, strong, a real woman of God.

God speed Kath.

Our heart-felt sympathies go out to Steve and family at this time.

Kev & Mel Keri Keri New Zealand

Kath acted for over 10 years as our Independent Judge at our Boys' Brigade London Bible Quiz competition, come rain or shine she always attended as promised, the quiz covered many chapters in the Bible, her loving manner toward our children encouraged and inspired them to give the very best answers to the set questions, due to her ability to put a nervous child at ease we always did extremely well.

Kath always followed up with Sue and I to find out how we did, whatever our position she always encouraged and Thanked us for allowing her to be the our Judge, we could not thank her enough.

Personally it was a privilege to know Kath and her Christian love and encouragement to me especially in my BB service.

Charlie Captain 2nd West Kent Boys' Brigade Company

Kath was a ray of sunshine and always made the effort to welcome me into her family. She was generous in passing her car on to me so I shall be reminded of her when I drive. She always had a twinkle in her eye and was never far from a giggle. She will be missed.

Sarah Blincko

I’ll remember the twinkle in Kath’s eye whenever she laughed. I’ve often thought it easy to imagine what Kath was like as a child, as she never seemed to lose her sense of wonder or interest in the world and those around her. She will be missed.

Hannah Blincko

Dear Kath, a very special lady who I am blessed to call my friend. So warm, kind and generous, an amazing cook who blessed our family with the most delicious meals when we needed support! Your sense of humour was brilliant too, so many laughs! Thank you for your friendship and all the lovely memories. We love you and will miss you very much dear Kath but our comfort is knowing that you are now rejoicing with the Lord in glory. 

Janis and the Culmer family

Dear Kath was a wonderful lady, so kind hearted, warm and gentle. I loved her from when I first met her at Plumstead Christian Fellowship back in 1988 and discovered that she and Ron were married at the same church as my parents, a year apart. We discovered that my Mum and Kath had been at secondary school together during the second World War in Peckham. On discovering this, Kath and Ron immediately invited my parents and I for a meal to rekindle the friendship. It was lovely for Mum and  Kath to see each other again!  We also discovered that my Mum had been at Sunday school with Ron and his brother, Joe! It’s a small world!

Little did I know then, that I would marry Kath’s son, Steve, in 2016 and have Kath as my lovely mum - in - law! Now I was related to my lovely friend!

Kath was such a humble, gentle lady and her kindness and gentleness  were beautiful fruits of the Holy Spirit. She had such strength displayed in such gentleness!

I believe her legacy is enormous. What an example to us all in service, in faith and in love. Kath had the most wonderful gift of hospitality of anyone I know and we have all benefited from her care at unsteady moments of our lives, as well as in happy ones.

Forever loved and forever missed but now Kath is totally at peace with her LORD that she loved with all her heart.

Susan Gurnett

Dear Kath, it was a pleasure to look after your plumbing for many years but also to know you through CBCF as a dear sister in Christ

I will miss your cups of tea and our little chats and you always asked about my wife and how things were going, you had one of the greatest gifts as a human and as a Christian the gift of hospitality. You displayed humility and Grace throughout your life.  But I am happy you are with the Lord now, free from the pains and sorrows of this life, you set a great example for us all to follow

Alexander Mclean

Kath  always showed great kindness to both of us, especially in our difficult times when facing health challenges. 

We particularly recall Kath hosting a wonderful Sunday lunch where we both enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Remembering Kaths family in these sad days. 

Love Jessie and Peter

Warm and welcoming, with a glint in her eye and a radiant smile is how I will remember Kath. She loved party games at Christmas, and games at any other time of the year. Gatherings with Kath always brought much laughter, joy and fun to her family and friends. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and I will always remember her kind and gentle spirit.

Sally Cocks

With a warm smile, a caring heart, you were open to listening with empathy and without judgement and you were willing to learn new things and embraced others from all walks of life.  You taught us compassion, how to love, how to serve, how to be a disciple and most of all how to demonstrate God’s grace and mercy in everything you put your hand to.

I may only have known you just a short time compared to others, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good. 

God bless you Kath and all who crossed your path. 


Kath was such a special lady, who I’ve known my whole life. I love the story that mum told of Kath and mum teasing Betty that they were going off on a adventures leaving Betty behind as their bed had brass bedknobs. If you know the film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” you’ll understand! I dread to think of the antics the three sisters got up to over the years.

My memories are of holidays at “Sandy Bay” and Boxing Day get togethers at Ankerdine Crescent. Always games and laughter and Mr Kiplings cakes. These are childhood memories.

Then as an adult it has been such a privilege to know this wonderful lady who brought a smile wherever she went. She would include everyone around her; was always encouraging and Jesus shone out of her!

Kath will be missed but her legacy lives on and we all have special memories of her that will bring a smile to our faces. As I once said to her: “If I’m like you at 90 Kath, I will be well chuffed!”

Love Julie

Iris and I first met Kath when she joined us, with Ron, Steve and Anne, when they came to join us at The Peoples Hall (now The Slade Evangelical Church ).Kath and Ron became even closer as friends when Steve started courting our eldest daughter Julie whom she subsequently married on the 4th October, 1980.

At some time later Kath become part of a group of ladies with Iris, Jean Wright, Eileen Bell,Adrienne Otton and Elsie Norman. They used to meet at least twice a year in each other’s house for the day; the mind boggles at their conversations!!

After Ron went to be with the Lord  Kath asked Iris if she would go with her to play bowls; Iris thoroughly enjoyed playing and the group of people they played with and Ken joined them on his retirement.

We have some very happy memories of Kath when on holidays and what holidays they were!  We also enjoyed seeing her most Christmas Days in Julie and Steve’s, Susan and Steve’s home.

With our happy and fond memories and our love,

Iris and Ken

I knew dear Kath for such a short time, but what an impact she had on my life. Her enthusiasm, passion and love for the Lord, was such an encouragement to me. I loved her so much and will remember her forever X

Carol Fuller

What a wonderful, faithful, servant-hearted model of a woman of God! How we miss her and grieve her loss. Yet it is awesome to know that Kath is rejoicing with the Lord Jesus, and is finally home, for eternity. 

Of her many kindnesses - she housed us as a family in 1997 for a few weeks when our house was severely flooded, but this wasn’t the only time she extended this incredible level of hospitality to people; Kath was also such a regular encourager of us both, and made a point of honouring Trev, which was very humbling. Her love was tangible. 

We had become very close to her, particularly in recent years when she had been one of our dedicated intercessors for the ministry we were involved in; Kath’s faithfulness was one of her outstanding qualities. 

Over the last few months it was becoming apparent that her body and mind were beginning to prepare to bow out gracefully, but Kath loved the Word of God; when we were praying or sharing scripture with her, and talking about the Lord, she was sharp, alert, and enthusiastic - as if her spirit was becoming ever closer to the Lord, her hope in Him expanding, preparing to meet Him. 

We will cherish our memories of precious Kath so much, and send our love & prayers to Steve & Susan, Anne, Claire, Philip & Rachel xxxxx

Trevor and Lisa Tinlin

My memories of Kath go back to our schooldays when we were at Honor Oak school in Peckham. Kath used to cycle, dodging in and out of the tramlines! I had no contact with her after leaving school until my daughter, Susan, was looking for a a church to go to after leaving university in the late 1980s and  she met up with Kath!

When the subject of schools came up, Honor Oak was mentioned and a connection made. Little did I realise that Susan will eventually marry Kath’s son, Steve!

Eileen Cocks

I feel very lucky to have lived close to Auntie Kath and I cherish the two occasions I lived with her. She was a kind lady and as everyone has remarked, a wonderful host. We’d stay up late putting the world to right, or playing cards and scrabble; Kath being a master of both. As a child, Christmases at the Gurnett’s were legendary; Auntie Kath’s stuffing, pickled walnuts, trifle, cake, sausage rolls, tins of Quality Street. I remember fondly the family’s love of games. We’d regularly be covered in lipstick spots, with flour on our faces searching for an elusive coin, or learning new instruments for the leader of the band game. There was no time for watching films (and this was pre-video age) but I loved the camaraderie we all shared. I’ll miss Kath’s giggle, her conversation and game for a laugh spirit. Rest in peace dear Auntie Kath, we will miss you enormously.

Jenny Mason, Kath’s niece

It is hard to believe that we will not be able to see Kath's wonderful smile again, nor see the love that she had for all of her family. We were privileged to have known Kath initially as Claire's Nan. I can well remember her joy at Nathan and Claires' wedding. Since that date we were lucky enough to share lots of family events and hugs with her.

She will be sadly missed by all who knew her, but especially her family.

Rest in peace Kath xx

Love Julie and Keith Osborne xx

When I heard the news of Kath's passing, I was immediately reminded of what a godly, faithful, loving woman she's always been.  She fought the good fight and she finished the race and there's a crown awaiting her.

As so many have said, Kath (and Ron) were always inviting people back for Sunday lunch after the service at CBCF.  I have happy memories of times at their home with our young children who she made feel so welcome.

Kath cared for people.  She nurtured people.  Such humility and serenity she displayed.  So fully at the heart of fellowship life loving the Lord and all who walked through the door.

"Well done, good and faithful servant...Enter into the joy of your Lord."  Matthew 25:23

Steve, Susan, Anne, Claire, Phil and Rachel, you were each so loved by Kath.  She set you an amazing example to follow.

With love and admiration,

Adam & Gloria

I am particularly indebted to her for the times that she spent with my mum June, particularly in later life where she gave herself to care, crosswords and good company. She was both her sister in law and a close faithful friend for more than 70 years. 

Above all we remember her inexhaustible kindness, goodness and faithfulness even in difficult times.

Memories of her great warmth and infectious laughter will long remain with us all.

John & Margaret Gurnett

My dear Kath

What an encouragement you were to us as a family When we were new Christians, you were patient and so kind You, have gone to be with your father, the great reward Again , thank you for all you gave to us

Mark Edmonds

How do you pay a written tribute to someone as unique, special and wonderful as Kath Gurnett?  Surely, it's an impossible thing, as there are not enough words to manage such a task.  

We met Kath at different times in our lives:, John in 1959, when he was 8 years old and first at The Slade Evangelical Free Church; Janice some years later when she became a member in 1981.  She was there at our wedding in 1983 and we still have their wedding present on our living room wall in pride of place.

We adventured together in a small group, attending Bible Weeks, meetings in each other's homes and church planting as we sought to follow our Lord Jesus.  They were exciting days of pioneering which were unexpected, unpredictable, exciting and looking back, pretty amazing.  They were often scary and unsettling too but with Kath and dear Ron to steady the ship, providing calm reassurance, love and care we got through together and the church we planted in Plumstead is still going strong today.  Ron & Kath knew the meaning of mission and desired to see many people come to know Christ and find their salvation in Him.

Meetings in each other's homes, inevitably meant sharing food together and the best of these surely were at Ron & Kath's, when we all brought something for the Sunday lunch table to share.    Their hospitality and ability to be hospitable was a joy to experience and be a beneficiary of, nothing showy, nothing 'flash', just good old-fashioned warmth and welcome and delicious food served with love.  No matter who you were, they loved you. 

When we were newly married, they provided an excellent example of what a good Christian marriage was and a model to aspire to and of course, Ron & Kath had cracked it!  I will never forget Ron lovingly saying about Kath "She's like that all the time, cheerful and always looks for the best in people."  And Kath always laughed at Ron's jokes - she knew the secret of being a good wife!

What are the images that thinking of Kath conjure up?  Walking boots, cakes, tents, sitting with a child reading books, Kath laughing, Kath's eye twinkling, Kath's little 'huddle' when she was about to tell you something special, Kath's dress style, her warm home, playing games both quiet and rowdy, worshipping her Lord, praying with others, encouraging someone and living life every day.

To know Kath, and of course Ron, was to love them.

Thank you, Steve and Susan for inviting us to Kath's service, it was such a privilege to be there and to remember such a special lady, from start to finish. One who has left an imprint on all who knew and loved her. Gone to glory, after leaving a blaze of light in her wake, she will have many crowns to cast before Him to whom we all have to give an account. 

Thank you, Kath and of course Ron, our lives have been enriched by your lovingkindness and joy in the Lord.

John & Janice Ward-Wilson