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Andrew Fanstone Update - 18 April 2019

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¨For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.¨    1 Corinthians 1:18 

The cross doesn't leave much room for the grey of the currently favoured postmodern worldview.  The cross is either foolishness or the power of God. One of the many reasons for which I believe Christianity is true is that no one would be crazy enough to make up a religion that appears so foolish. 

The cross represented all that was wrong and evil in the world. It was designed to kill with maximum shame, degradation, humiliation, and suffering. All who were put on it were cursed - It is the last place where humanity would expect to discover God.

How foolish to say that the almighty, all powerful creator God would let himself be crucified naked and beaten on a cross.  The cross is a lousy marketing tool in this world which is all about self satisfaction, comfort, power, status and security.

But the cross and Jesus´ resurrection shows us heaven´s ways are different to man´s ways.  The cross not only shows us the seriousness of our sin but it also shows us the incredible value God has for each one of us and the extent that His loves was willing to drive Him, so we may be brought back into a relationship with Him. 

The cross is the central point of Christianity, it puts everyone on a level playing field in which salvation and acceptance comes not through earning and striving but by Grace and Faith, and its power is very much active today.

Happy Easter

The transforming power of the cross today.

This month we had the amazing privilege to take the children from the slum away on a camp.  At least for a few days they could be children and play, laugh and be fully surrounded by the goodness and love of God in a tangible way.  Their normal daily lives are much different, coming from very broken and hurting families which are being destroyed by violence, prostitution and drugs.  But God is raising up a new group of role models for them to aspire to follow.  One of our team members, who has recently become a Christian, used to be one of the leaders of the local drug gangs.  He was the ´treasurer` and also part of the inner circle that decided which people they would kill.  Now he is another living and walking example of what happens when you encounter the power of God and give your life fully to Him.

The weekend after the camp the children were so excited that we let them loose on the slum to evangelise their community.  They wrote messages on cards and prayed with the people trapped in a life of drugs and prostitution. 

Above are photos of the children at the camp and below, being light in their own slum.

Our Missions school

We are now one month into our missions school.  People come from all over Brazil and several other nations to spend 3 months with us to to be trained and sent out, so they can carry what they have received in the school to the nations and the dark places that need the light of Jesus.  We teach the future missionaries that all fruit comes from a place of intimacy and abiding in Jesus, and that without walking with Him, we can do nothing (John 15).  We want to raise up missionaries that understand that our highest calling isn't just to produce lots of fruit and open many projects but to abide and connect to Jesus and as a result, much fruit will follow.

In the first week we taught the students about prophetic evangelism or what we call ¨treasure hunting.¨  We believe God has His hidden ´treasures` out in the community where we live and we ask God to guide us to find them so we can tell them how loved and special they are to Him.

After the first day of outreach the teams came back with many testimonies.  One team as they were praying before they went out wrote down what they felt God was saying to them as a team.  Two people in the team saw a yellow house, one received the number 36 and another the name Paulo and another saw a woman dressed in shorts and t-shirt.  They went out to look for their ´treasures.`  Near the end of the afternoon one of them saw a yellow house and as they approached it, they saw it´s number was number 36.  They went in and introduced themselves and the guy who opened the door, when asked his name, said he was called Paulo.  His wife then walked into the room and she was wearing the exact clothes that the other team member had seen before.  They shared what God had spoken to them and the lady started crying and opening up as they were going through a really hard time in their marriage.  The neighbour then came by and heard everything that was happening and asked if they could pray for her husband who had a bad leg next door.  They went to the house next door and saw the man with his leg resting on a stool for support.  They placed their hands on his leg and prayed.  The man got up and to his surprise, as he put his weight through his leg, all his pain was gone.  The following day they all turned up at our service at the base to learn more about this living and powerful God that wants a personal relationship with them.

At the moment the students have been divided into three teams and are on a 10 day outreach in the countryside´s of Brazil and I am sure they will return with many testimonies of how the Love and power of God has touched and transformed many more lives.

Prayer requests

We have signed the contract to buy the property where the mission school takes place!!  But we are still awaiting for the final documents and then the money which has been offered to arrive for the contract to be finalized.  Please pray that the money and documents to arrive soon!

Please pray for us as a family. For continued protection and good health and continued guidance and wisdom.  Also please pray with us for continued financial provision. We need an increase in regular and one off donations to be able to meet all the expenditures we have.

Finally, Thank God for all His kindness, goodness and faithfulness and ask that He may continue to pour His Spirit on us so we may impact many for Him and His Kingdom.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and for all your prayers, friendship and generosity over the years which has enabled us to be here until now.

Much Love,
Andrew, Claudia, Jessica, Ana Keziah and Noah

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