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Andrew Fanstone Update - 25 October 2018

Dear Friends

We trust all is well with you!  We would love if you could take a few minutes to read this so we can fill you in on what we have been up to over the last few months here in Brazil.

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Property update!

You may remember we shared our vision of buying this property above to become our training base to raise up a new generation of missionaries from here in Brazil.  Well we are very close to this dream becoming a reality.  However we are not there yet and would really appreciate your prayers for a final push.

Through a friend in England we put together a proposal to an investor in the United States and he has responded positively to our request to fund the purchase of this property.  This is amazing and an answer to prayer!  However there is still a hurdle to overcome.  The church that is selling this property to us still needs to organise some of the documents of the land so that when we buy it we will have no problems in the future.  This is a usual situation here in Brazil but the bureaucracy here can often take time and we hope it will not interfere with the investor´s willingness to donate the finaces needed to purchase this amazing property.

So please pray that this process will run smoothly and the money will be released into our account to be able to buy this property as soon as possible!

A little sign and a wonder

¨God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.¨ Romans 4:17

I try to keep these newsletters full of good news as I think we get enough bad news from the newspapers and tv each day.  But obviously we also have our days of battle, difficulty and dryness and have seasons when we need encouragement from God to keep us pushing on.

Well, about 6 months ago we re-decorated our prayer house which is situated amongst the drug dens.  As part of the decoration we took an old branch from a tree which had been blown down by the wind at the property we wish to buy.  We burnt the rest of the dead tree in a large bonfire but one branch we broke off, varnished and put in the prayer house so we could use it as decoration and tie photos of the children we work with on to it, so we could pray for them.

Well just last month this branch started to bud, a bit like Aaron´s rod.  What we thought was totally dead in an atmosphere that had no water, just prayer and the presence of God, we saw come back to life.  It is an amazing sign and encouragement to us that in the totally dry and dead surroundings in which we often work it is possible for life to come forth!

Church on the Streets!

And finally, recently we have been doing a lot seminars in local churches to help awaken and activate them to live out the simple, pure gospel of reaching and loving the one in need in front of them.  There are many churches in Brazil which have many services but very often their Christianity is kept inside the four walls of the church.

Last weekend we did a three day seminar at a church a couple of hours from Fortaleza.  We got them reaching out to a small and very poor community which was only a 10 minute walk from their church.  Many of the church members didn´t even know the community existed and those that did, were too scared to enter it.  After the seminar many were in tears having experienced the reality of the suffering of the lives who lived so close to them and how God could use them to make a difference.  They will now continue going there and start a ministry to bring the practical, tangible and life changing love of Jesus to this community

Thank you all for your prayers and support!  We could not be doing any of this with out your generous support, faithful prayers and kind friendship.

Much Love

Andrew, Claudia, Jessica, Keziah and Noah xx