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Sermon Archive - Summer Special 2016

Recordings of recent sermons are available below

CBCF has a large library of recorded messages which includes most of the sermons preached over the last few years, as well as sets from conferences and individual messages from well-known speakers. The catalogue has over 2000 individual items in it. Please contact CBCF Office for further information:

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Trevor Tinlin 20 August 2017 (Length: 28:45)
Reading: 2 John

John’s 2nd Letter

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Summer Series 2017 - 2 John

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Sermon Audios 2017

Steve Gurnett 27 August 2017 (Length: 22:51)
Reading: 3 John

John’s 3rd Letter

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Summer Series 2017 - 3 John

Sue Redford 03 September 2017 (Length: 31:00)
Reading: Jude 1-25

Letter of Jude

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Summer Series 2017 - Jude